“Elizabeth Meloney is the Treasure Holder for Rubbo Art of Energy, and our heart-student. She embodies all of the principles of right action, compassion, light and joy.”

–Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo

“I came to study qigong and tai chi privately with Elizabeth Meloney with the hope of addressing the chronic, debilitating back pain I had suffered for more than 10 years as a result of being hit by a car while crossing a street. I was immediately drawn to Elizabeth’s peaceful, loving nature.  Not only have the qigong and ‘joyful intention’ practices helped to dramatically relieve the pain and improve my overall condition, I have also been able to release the trauma of the accident and enjoy my life again. Quite simply, I feel lighter, younger and so much better in all ways! At a recent appointment with my doctor, she was pleased to see how much my blood pressure and heart rate had improved since she had last seen me and wanted to know what I had been doing.  When I told her about my tai chi and qigong lessons, she asked me for Elizabeth’s contact information to share with her other patients. I highly recommend Elizabeth Meloney as a teacher of the healing arts!”

–Mary Wilthanger, Lagunitas, California

“Elizabeth is a great teacher, her calm and patient manner allows you to relax and learn more deeply. Her knowledge of tai chi and qi gong is very comforting to a student to know you are studying something worthwhile and with someone who knows what they’re doing. After each class I feel very calm, centered, rejuvenated and at peace. Elizabeth goes out of her way to make sure each of her students feels supported and encouraged. The practices she has shown me have helped me every day in dealing with cancer, giving me more energy and helping calm me when I am stressed out.”

–Connie Sume, Greenbrae, California

“I have been doing Qigong with Elizabeth for about three years.  I was diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer in 2017.  It metastasized to my lung.  I truly believe that Elizabeth’s teachings have changed my life and my health.  I am doing great.  All cancer is at bay and my doctor is thrilled.  It’s a deep and profound practice, and Elizabeth is one amazing woman and teacher.”

–Carol Hughes, Fairfax, California

“Clarity is the simplest way of describing my gratefulness for Elizabeth’s teaching.  I am a long-standing practitioner of the martial arts: fought in competition Judo at the age of 15; studied with Chuck Norris in Los Angeles; studied Tai Chi in San Francisco with Sifu Fong Ha; studied Aikido for 30 years and earned 3rd degree black belt.  Due to injuries and constant pain, I sadly wanted to let go of the demanding daily discipline of my practice, and then I came across Elizabeth’s teaching at a senior center.  Her true, gentle, yet firm way of teaching transformed my long time practice from hardcore external to the powerful, gentle joys of internal practice and the healing that resulted.  I am so grateful!  Through her teachings and encouragement, I know now that I can continue my practice for the rest of my life.”

–Pieter Kilkens, Fairfax, California

“Elizabeth and Josefina are wonderful teachers. They are masterful in Qigong and Tai Chi and share their knowledge and experience with patience and good will so that anyone can learn from them. All of their students (myself included) feel we are being met exactly where we are.
These classes are illuminating, grounding and profound without being heavy or too serious. They bring a smile to my face and a deep gratitude for being alive, as well as better health and more awareness.”

–Steve Fox, Mill Valley, California

“Eternal Strength Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong is a local treasure.  The teachings Elizabeth and Josefina offer with each and every class are extraordinary. I highly recommend their classes!”

–Brigitte McCulloch, San Rafael, California

“I recently had a private lesson for Primordial QiGong with Elizabeth Meloney. I was fairly new at the practice having had only one weekend of training and then practicing by myself. It was amazing how much I got from one private lesson. Even though I basically knew the moves what she added was the subtle aspects of the moves, the position of the hands and feet, the position of the body. The other part, which I love, is an awareness of the energy involved in the moves. I came away feeling that I had a much more intimate knowledge of the flow of energy in my body as it went through the different positions. I can’t wait for another lesson!

–June Gifford, Lodi, California

“I am privileged to have studied Qi Gong with Elizabeth and Josefina and can highly recommend them. Qi Gong is not only a physical activity it is a wonderful practice, invigorating and centering to not only the physical body but the emotional and spiritual bodies as well. Josefina and Elizabeth personify the best one can hope for in any teacher. They are kind, patient, knowledgeable and intuitive and I encourage anyone who is interested in this ancient and profound practice to enroll in their class…..as soon as possible.”

–Carlyn Montes De Oca L.Ac, Dipl. O.M., Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Elizabeth and Josefina’s unique skills complement each other perfectly to provide a joyful learning experience. Both are accomplished martial artists who give individualized attention to beginning and advanced students. Their gifts extend well beyond class, Elizabeth and Josefina’s teachings and observations have improved my everyday life. Anyone fortunate enough to experience these teachers can realize the full, purposeful life to which we aspire.”

–Ken Fischer, Lagunitas, California

“I was referred to Eternal Strength classes by a MD who was treating me in my recovery from knee surgery. In two months time as a student in the Chi Gung class for self healing, I am getting a glimpse into the potency of these simple-seeming exercises. I feel stronger and the energy is flowing much better throughout my body. I consider it a rare gift to have two excellent teachers who explain movements concisely and are dedicated whole-heartedly to the healing art of Chi Gung and Tai Chi.”

–Urbara Scott, San Rafael, California

“Elizabeth and Josefina are outstanding and knowledgeable teachers. I am so fortunate to have found them. They provide classes that are individualized and supportive of each and every individual in the group. They help students understand the principles of Chi Gung and Tai Chi. They help students develop a healthy body, mind and spirit.”

–Shirley Lee, Retired Educator, San Rafael, California

“I am so happy to be with Elizabeth and Josefina, and all the other players of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. Eternal Strength is an excellent name for our school! My health has been a factor, and about a year ago I returned to my two tai chi sisters who teach these personalized classes. Elizabeth and Josefina have helped me immensely, both physically and mentally. I am eternally grateful!”

–Michael Morford, San Anselmo, California

“I have entrusted myself to Josefina over the years with wonderful results. Her knowledge of the body and her intuitions of the soul are deep. Whether you have injured muscles or bones, have lost energy, or are tired of the world, Josefina can help you reclaim your body, your mind, and your spirit.”

–Mary Ann Maggiore, Former Mayor of Fairfax, California