Qigong for Healers Program

Cultivating and maintaining vibrant health of body, mind and spirit, having the ability to release and let go of stress and calm the nervous system are important for everyone, especially those in the healing professions. This special program is open to everyone interested in cultivating expansive healing energy for themselves and their loved ones, and is especially designed for Health Care Professionals and anyone acting in the capacity of a care giver.

The Qigong forms taught in this program will be offered in 8-week series and will include: Long Life Qigong and Whole Body Breathing; Healing Hands Qigong Levels 1 and 2; Primordial Qigong Levels 1 and 2; Dragon & Tiger Levels 1 and 2; Yin Style Bagua Levels 1 and 2.  (For detailed information on these individual practices, please refer to the Qigong page of the website.)

In this program, you will also learn component practices and methods important to assist you in maintaining optimal health and well being:

  • Generate an internal and external atmosphere of love, gratitude, joy and peace
  • Relax, dissolve and release tension and other energy blockages and restore your nervous system
  • Learn to safely cultivate, feel and move your energy
  • Purify and swiftly restore your energy and healing space
  • Learn methods for maintaining your well being and avoid ‘burnout’
  • Positively influence your body, mind and spirit through Whole Body Breathing
  • Cultivate a felt sense of the core of your life force energy (Lower Tantien also known as The Sea of Qi)
  • Safely strengthen the flow and quality of energy (Qi) through your body, mind and spirit
  • Learn to maintain a consistent, harmonious flow of vitality and healing energy
  • Nurture a profound understanding of the role nature plays in your life and well being
  • Gain insight into how nutrition and supplementation contribute to wholistic wellness