What do we mean by Eternal Strength?

To be physically resilient, powerful, peaceful and radiant with health are a few of the many benefits that accrue to practitioners of the internal martial and healing arts. However, our conventional understanding of ‘strength’ can also connote a kind of internal tension, holding, efforting or attachment to ego that is not conducive to the pure cultivation of qi (life force energy) and the realization of accomplishment in Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong. Rather, it is by mastering the landscape of our inner world and releasing the internal tensions, attachments and discomforts of body, mind and spirit that we can open up, expand and liberate the space within.

Eternal Strength signifies for us the everlasting depth and breadth of spirit that resides in each of us–that which connects the transcendent potential of our authentic nature to the Divine. It is through cultivating the eternal strength within that we can fully awaken to the present moment and be in harmony with the sacred matrix of the universe; it is here we can be truly at home, comfortable, joyful and fulfilled; it is here we can truly inhabit life.

Eternal Strength Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong was founded in 2009 by Elizabeth Meloney and Josefina Garcia Puerta.  Located in San Rafael, California, in the beautiful county of Marin.  Our classes and workshops are offered outdoors as much as possible, nurturing a profound understanding of the role nature plays in your life.

Elizabeth continues the work that she and Josefina began together, dedicated to preserving, teaching and sharing the martial and healing arts lineages that were generously placed in their care, ensuring these priceless legacies will be passed on for the benefit of future generations.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Meloney is a Rubbo Art of Energy Certified Instructor and is empowered to teach all the systems and forms taught by Masters Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo of the Paul D. Pickens II Research Foundation (PDPII) and Rubbo Art of Energy. Elizabeth is a Catholic contemplative, and holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of California at Berkeley. She is a former competitive gymnast and instructor with a long-term interest in wellness. Elizabeth teaches group classes and private clients, workshops and retreats, and is dedicated to sharing with her students the profound joys and blessings of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong.

In the spring of 2000, Elizabeth came to study with the Rubbos in order to get help in overcoming the debilitating effects of advanced Lyme disease that had kept her housebound for more than a decade. She completed the rigorous Three-Year Teacher Training program in 2005 and continued in the advanced program through 2010 where she studied Guang Ping Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan, Primordial Qigong, Dragon and Tiger Qigong, Healing Hands Qigong and other Qigong forms, Taoist and Buddhist Meditation, Five Element Theory, Qigong Tui Na (energy healing), Shaolin Chuan, I Chuan, Bagua Zhang, Yin Style Bagua, Hsing I Chuan, Tai Chi Staff and Sword. Elizabeth continues ongoing training, study and daily practice in the internal martial and healing arts.

Elizabeth began teaching Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong classes offered through Rubbo Art of Energy in 2002. She assisted Master Rubbo in the teaching of weekly classes, workshops and retreats as well as in the training of instructors in the Teacher Training program. She was Director of the PDPII Wellness Program for Seniors for five years, and has a special affinity for working with our elder population. She developed the Healing Movement: Meditation In Motion program and taught at retirement communities throughout Marin County.  Elizabeth continues to offer this popular program in Live Stream classes.

Elizabeth served as Editor for three of the Rubbo’s books and ebooks: Extraordinary Breath–Making the Power of Deep Breathing Work for You, Extraordinary Breath Free eBook, and Primordial Qigong. Elizabeth is currently at work on other writing projects, including a memoir of her journey through Lyme disease.

“Elizabeth Meloney is a lineage holder for all of the systems and forms taught by Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo. Elizabeth is the Treasure Holder for Rubbo Art of Energy, and our heart-student. She embodies all of the principles of right action, compassion, light and joy.” –Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo

Favorite quote:

“If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” –Gospel of Mark 9:23

In Loving Memory

Josefina Garcia Puerta

June 18, 1957 – January 26, 2018

Josefina Garcia Puerta was a Cuban-born dancer and poet, and a student and practitioner of the healing arts since 1985. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Temple University with a degree in Psychology.

Josefina studied with Masters Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo from 2002 – 2010, and was a Rubbo Art of Energy Certified Instructor. She held a Certification from the McKinnon Institute, and spent many years studying Somatics and healing arts through such institutions as Tamalpa, Sound Movement Integration Center, Alive and Well! Institute of Conscious Bodywork, private tutorials and studies of Native American healing practices and rituals.

Josefina was a deeply loving, compassionate and accomplished healer, committed to skillfully integrating her knowledge of Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan with the principles and practices of therapeutic hands-on healing to deepen the healing process for her clients and students.  The progressive integration of her education, ongoing training and life experience shaped her unique philosophical approach to the teaching and practice of healing energy work. Josefina was uniquely gifted in facilitating the development of subtle energy flow and helped to bring a healthy sense of balance and well-being to her students and clients, as well as an understanding of ones natural rhythms, connection to nature and the integration of mind, body, and spirit.

We loved her deeply and are grateful for her presence in our lives.

Photos of Elizabeth and Josefina by Beau Leonhart

The Ancient Poem of the Universal Post

The universal post is a mystical form of martial arts
We can never fully understand the way it is done
It seems like an embrace with a smiling face
You use your strength from within
You are relaxed and use no force
It is like clouds floating in the wind from all directions
You use forces from the universe to substantiate
your strength
Your strength comes from your breathing
You do not hold fast, leaving a lot of room to move
You do not bend to greater strength
So smoothly you move and so naturally
Your breathing and your limb movements should not
be impeded
It is like moving in space
In and out of the highest peaks and clouds
Gliding through air and clouds
Floating along with the winds
Graceful yet composed
Always contain calmness and peace
Head upheld high with pride
You embrace the world below you
As clear and pure as an underground brook
Like lead turning into silver spinning to the moon
Looking into an antique mirror to look deep into
your soul
Your cup is filled to the brim
Absolutely free of restraint and free of self
You could fly as though you had wings
Head towards the limitless horizon
Like throwing a pebble into water
The circles get larger and larger
With your hands you push open the limits of the
You embrace from within
Heaven and earth and the ten thousand things
capture your thoughts
The eyes look outside with determination
Up and down your strength flows
You push and you embrace continuously
Your thoughts should be pure
This should clear your mind
This should curb all illness
You always return to the center
You can attack or defend at will
You must have a will of iron
The principle of this is to strengthen
To go for happiness and health
Your body will benefit from this
This has been handed down from the ancients
This form of exercise can help you without limits

From The T’ai Chi Boxing Chronicle, Compiled and Explained by Kuo Lien-Ying, Translated by Guttman.